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Fluid Lines: An Inclusive Creative Space

Created by Kat Beeton, Fluid Lines is an online creative website for artists from Peterborough and beyond to share their work. It’s an inclusive space, accepting submissions including art, writing, photography and performance; anything and everything creative is welcome, as long as it is within the guidelines stated on the Fluid Lines website. Currently, submissions are open and work sent in before May 31st could be published alongside the new site’s upcoming launch. Also, contributors to Fluid Lines will have their own bio page, which will feature some information about them and give them the option to grow their audience by adding links to their websites, social media, and email.

This Thursday, Fluid Lines is sponsoring Peterborough College music students in their show, New Dawn in A Night of Music, at The Met Lounge. The opportunity to support local, emerging musical talent arose after Kat’s Between The Lines event in December, where the students got involved and played live music. The event is supported by Altitude, Daybreak, Maple Syrup and live DJs, and tickets are available at for those over 16.

It is so important that artists, of any medium, have the chance to build a platform for their work. Art is something that we can use to tell stories, enact change and spark a passion that is too often hidden from view in Peterborough - and this is something that Fluid Lines is sure to do.

For tickets to Peterborough College music department’s New Dawn in A Night of Music, go to:

To submit your work, go to:

Want to submit a piece of art but unsure of what to do? These are the current creative prompts on the Fluid Lines website:

  • Behind the curtain

  • The down of it all

  • Did I fall or did you?

  • The look they give you

  • Flowers and narcissism

Photo: @Fluidlines_kb on Instagram


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