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Love Aboard! Train-Journey Relationships

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ll know too well the burdens of travelling across the country on the weekly or even monthly mission to get to your love. Travelling is likely second nature to you. You do it with your eyes closed. You whip out your train ticket ready without even being told. You know where to get the best seats on the train. You know when the busiest times will be.

But once you’re in their arms, the stress of travelling just disappears like steam. You’re home when you’re with them, you’re loved and looked after. You’re not just travelling to see that special someone but you’re travelling to yourself too because when you’re with them, you come alive. And when you return, you’re motivated, inspired, and nurtured because you’ve got them in your life and because you know they’re by your side. The sights of their hometown, once strange to you, will become comfortingly familiar. You have found this strange place that your partner calls their home and soon enough, it will become your second home.

Travelling to see your partner is exciting. It’s tiring and you’ll collapse into their arms fast asleep by the time you get to them, but you enjoy every moment. And in between each wonderful date and time spent with them is a long, nail-biting, tedious wait to see them again.

Thinking about entering a long-distance relationship? If you’re worried about the travel aspect, it has never been easier to get from place to place. In a changing, interconnecting world, distance is compressing, becoming an increasingly invalid concept. With today’s train technology, you can travel the entire width of the UK in just two hours or so. And the introduction of internet dating makes it easier to filter your matches and meet people who are more like you, who you’ll be more likely to get on with.

Of course, there are dangers that you need to be aware of. Here is some advice for those taking the train to their love:

While travel is easier than it ever has been, British railways are notoriously disruptive. Be careful when taking the train – mistakes can be very costly. There’s nothing worse than hurriedly rushing onto a train in a busy station only to look up at that screen and not see your stop on there. And it’s too late because the train’s moving. Jumping off isn’t an option, although you might feel like doing that. Just stay sharp and aware of your surroundings.

Try not to travel late at night and if you do, avoid remote, quiet stations. Fuel up on coffee if you’re travelling early in the morning. Most of the stations have a coffee shop somewhere.

Never forget your ticket. These days, many ticket offices have closed down so for many of us, our only option is to buy E-Tickets online. If you are using online tickets, then make sure your phone is charged. Imagine the train conductor asks you for your ticket and right in that moment, your phone dies and you’re slapped with the cost of a second ticket. It happens to the best of us and it’s definitely a small detail to consider.

Be mindful of the kind of ticket you purchase. Check the time, the date, the stops and your designated changes if you have any. All of this information is accessible on the Trainline app so it helps to keep it on hand when you need it. If you’re buying a return ticket, take precautions to check the return trains on the day you need to go home. And above all, check for delays and cancellations. Trainline displays all this information and it’s so vital that you check for updates on where your train is.

Stick to this advice and you’ll make the most of your special long-distance train relationship. The less time we spend travelling, the more time we get to spend with that special someone. And when you spend long periods of time away from each other, that little time together is truly priceless.

If you’re going away somewhere with your love this Valentine’s Day, it’s never been a better time to travel. Whether you’re into cities or beach holidays (although it’s a bit cold for the beach in February) or nature holidays or nightlife, shows or concerts or movies, shops or museums or art galleries, there’s definitely something for every couple somewhere in the UK. And this time, that journey will be much more fun with that special someone.

Look after each other and stay safe.



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