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Warm-up and Sip in Bliss: The Power of Hot Drinks

Very little in life can’t be improved with a hot drink. The warm sensation going down your throat endorses a sense of cosiness and mellowness, with the feeling of holding a warm cup of joy. They can warm or cool us, numb the pain when we are ill, and allow us to see the best in each other. The phrase ‘Shall I put the kettle on’ is an invitation to sit down and have a deep conversation, and reflect on situations, opening up a new gateway for a comforting experience. 

According to the Product Of The Year Survey, the majority of Brits drink three or more cups of tea a day (35 per cent), with 20 per cent saying they drink an impressive five to 10 cups a day. Judging by those statistics, hot drinks have grown vastly in popularity, gaining more consumers every day. One of these reasons could be linked to the harsh winter season upon us, with sickness and bugs roaming around having a hot drink can revive you and allow you to sleep better. Another huge factor is mugs. When people have special mugs they become attached to their own drinking vessels of just the right degree of chunkiness, weight, and feel. 

Tea enthusiast, Olivia Evans said: “Tea comes in a wide range of flavours, from delicate and floral to bold and robust. Drinking tea is like someone giving you a warm and loving hug. I find tea helps me with my anxiety at times. By sipping tea I find myself able to calm down and have a soothing experience.” 

Olivia then went on to say: “Tea is often associated with numerous health benefits, like green tea is rich in antioxidants that can help boost immunity and promote overall well-being.”

There are many varieties of flavours and aromas when it comes to picking out your hot drink. From the rich and bold taste of coffee to the delicate and smooth flavours of herbal tea, the aroma of a hot drink can be tantalising, awakening our senses and adding to an overall experience. The most popular choice of hot beverage in the UK is coffee. A Statista consumer survey found 63 per cent of us regularly drink coffee, compared to just 59 per cent for tea. As consumers said: “ There’s so much you can do with coffee.”

Coffee-addicted, Hannah Walker said: “I drink hot coffee because it warms me up when it’s cold. I wouldn’t drink it in the summer. I'd switch to iced coffee but all year round I need my precious caffeine to wake me up and make me feel energised throughout the day.”

So, whether you’re seeking warmth, energy, relaxation, or simply a moment of indulgence, hot drinks have the power to provide it all. So go ahead and pour yourself a cup and savour the magic of a hot drink. 


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