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An Interview With Untitled

“Anything that Sam Loose says is good”

“We love Sam Loose” x2

“Can you put that in?”

“We love Sam Loose and Freddie Mercury”

If there ever was a perfect endorsement for Stamford Colleges music department it was this interview- what could be better than comparison of one of their lecturers to Freddie Mercury?

Untitled features a group of 5 students from Stamford College- Ella, Ghost, Rohan, Ellis and Francis, who collectively describe themselves as ‘dysfunctional’, which can be seen pretty well, when that was in response to a question asking how they would describe themselves in three words.

Moving on from this, they describe their music as Funk-Inspired Pop, but they all aspire to be like completely different musicians, from Stevie Wonder to Amy Winehouse. This month released their first EP, Midnight, and in the words of Rohan “I write the music. She (Ella) writes the lyrics” Ella added here, that Ellis and Ghost also helped with the writing and also that she finds inspiration for songs in her life. Things like breakups, love and passion are some of the things that inspired the songs on Midnight. Midnight contains 4 songs; Midnight, My Regrets, Happy F*cking Days and Sunrise, with Midnight and Sunrise working as instrumental intro and outro.

Each had a different start in music, Ghost has been singing since they could talk and both Ellis and Francis grew up around music. Rohan found his start in year eight music and as for Ella, the advice passed onto the others from Sam Loose- “Just because your plans change doesn't mean it's wrong”. Originally starting on a Health and Social course, her plans changed and she switched over to music. Moving forward with their collective plans, they are moving onto Year 2, Party in the Car Park on the 8th of June, as well as releasing a single in a few weeks- but in the long run? “Lots of songs, lots of money, lots of gigs, lots of festivals, lots of money”

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