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Angel's Grove: “Cold as Hell”

Angel’s Grove performed at The Met Lounge, here in Peterborough on 17/2/23, and with it only being their 5th gig, having a missing drummer, last-minute changes to their plans, sound checks going on throughout the interview and one of them approximately 7 drinks in at the point of starting, I am sure you can imagine how chaotic an evening it was.

However, that remained behind the scenes, with the band putting on a great set which everyone there clearly loved, selling a lot of the almost completely sold-out tickets themselves, even with two other bands also performing that night.

Describing their music as a mix of blues, rock and pop and themselves as “cold as hell”, Angels Grove features Alfie Clifton, Dan Hood, Alfie Bradshaw, Isaac Norcliffe and Lukey Harris. Originally naming the band Dirty Sorbet, they unintentionally came up with the name Angel’s Grove and switched to that after a list of other names they deemed too ‘sh*t’.

These 16 to 18-year-olds each had an interest in music from a young age, whether that came from just singing in the car with, or being taught how to play different instruments by various family members to just growing up with families who loved music. Since then, however, their aspirations have only grown- when asked who they would love to open a show for one day, their answer was Guns N’ Roses. But for now, their next step is to expand in the local area, hopefully with more appearances at the Met Lounge, which they agreed is their favourite venue to perform at.

When it comes to songwriting, the band finds inspiration for their lyrics from growing up, life, girls and love. When it comes to love, albeit a different kind to what was previously mentioned, they have what they admit to be a love-hate relationship with each other, and this is one of the things they find most challenging about being in a band. Another difficult aspect is the differences between them, which can make songwriting a challenge- this can be seen in their responses to the question “If you could only ever listen to one song ever again, what would it be?” to which I got answers from the more recent song Kiwi by Harry Styles to the classic Eagles song Hotel California.

Some advice handed onto the band worth sharing is, “Don’t try to be someone you're not”. This is something the group clearly carries into their lives, as their personalities come through in their performances, and in any conversation with them.

Find more about Angel’s Grove here


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