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Black Hoof Coffee: A gem hidden in not-so-plain sight

From frothy lattes to short espresso shots, coffee comes in all shapes and sizes. I bring you a review of Black Hoof, a new and revolutionary type of coffee.

I waited in the foyer of Black Sheep Coffee, a small cafe centred in the lively Queensgate shopping centre, where anybody from parents to the elderly could relax after a long day of retail therapy. Black Sheep Coffee is a company with numerous cafes around the local area and a unique selection of coffee, teas and hot chocolate as well as colourful smoothie bowls and eye-catching Norwegian waffles.

I needed my coffee fix of the day so I chose the mysterious Black Hoof coffee, which is a blend of coconut oil, cinnamon milk, roasted coffee beans and milk. Black Hoof is similar to the caffeinated beverage lauded by the health-conscious: Bullet Coffee (made by blending butter, coconut oil and coffee)

This drink takes the form of a frothy coffee, however, instead of giving you a buzz straight away, it slowly increases throughout the day. The cost is a little high, but definitely worth it, with ethically sourced coffee and friendly baristas and even student discounts.

The main ingredient of Black Hoof is coconut oil, which has been claimed by many to have a long list of health benefits, however there has been controversy surrounding this ‘healthy’ oil, in that it could affect heart health and according to cardiologists, it could raise both good and bad cholesterol levels.

Black Sheep Coffee is open till 6PM except on Sundays and Thursdays and is located Queensgate

Black Sheep Coffee Website:


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