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Book Review:  ‘Misfit In Love’- By S.K. Ali

Misfit In Love is a heartwarming story with multiple layers, exploring different types of love and relationships. Jannah had me smiling, cringing, laughing, and crying as she went on a journey to seek romantic love as she prepared for her brother’s wedding. Her romantic journey has some turbulence along with heartache. However, Jannah has some kind-hearted people to help her up when she’s down including her devoted mother, her childish yet warm brother, and Jannah’s amazing friends who she can always count on to make her laugh. 

At the beginning of the book, we see Jannah as an easy-going and helpful daughter as she is staying at her dad’s to organise her brother's wedding. Yet as we are introduced to different characters the interactions between friends, family, and love interests are compelling and Janna discovers a lot about herself as she sees the imperfections of those around her. She does a lot of growing over the wedding weekend. When I saw the cover, the brightness of pink, purple, and yellow shouted feminine energy, especially with the flowers on each corner of the book. I admire the picture of Jannah along with the three boys on each corner but you can’t see their faces as they appear in shadows which adds mystery to who is going to be the main love interest. 

As I am reading from a Muslim perspective, I appreciate seeing the characters practise Islam by praying and having loving characteristics a good Muslim person should carry with them. It’s heartwarming to see Jannah connect to God when she goes through these hardships. Religion is not the main conflict or point of the story but it is an integral part of Janna’s life and many of the people who are close to her. It’s refreshing to see the spiritual lives of young people being represented accurately. Reading Misfit in Love has taken me through an uplifting and wholesome experience watching Jannah grow into a woman who had some difficult moments, but Jannah persevered and cherished the relationships she has with her family and friends.



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