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Busy Busy Busy, By Jennifer Rae-Clarke

Jennifer Rae-Clarke from University Centre Peterborough won second place in the Poetry section of the University Centre Peterborough Literary Competition, with her poem- Busy Busy Busy.

Busy Busy Busy:

I never get to see you, you’re always busy-busy-busy!

But while I’ve got you could you wash the car; I’m feeling kind of dizzy?

You really should relax sometime, you’re always rush-rush-rush!

But don’t forget the family’s due and the toilet still won’t flush!

Head always in a task list, where’s your sense of fun-fun-fun?

Ignore that marked assessment, who cares if it’s not done?

I’d love to be around all day, and slob out on the couch…

And I really want to laugh and smile, and not to be a grouch…

But this uni course should get my career, back off of the shelves,

Not to mention household chores, and bills don’t pay themselves!

I really try to scrape aside the time, to sit and game and play.

Just please back off and let me be, that’s all I want to say.



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