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Euro 2024: Top 10 Shirts

With the tournament in Germany kicking off, we rank our top ten shirts from the 24 teams taking part. 

10. Scotland Away 

Whilst home shirts are based on a nation’s traditional colours, away kits enable countries and manufacturers the freedom to experiment with colours and design. This away shirt by Scotland is a fine example. A combination of a light mint blue base colour with purple additions via the logos, collar and sides produces a solid modern design. I have no doubt it will be a solid favourite up North. They have never made it past the group stages so it remains to be seen how often they will be able to wear it in support of their country! 

9. Germany Away

I can see the home nation flocking a sea of purple and white this Summer. Whilst the home shirt gives me 90s disco vibes with a fiery-like shoulder design, the purple away shirt is a solid shirt which will fly off the shelves in Germany. 

It’s the definition of a proper modern shirt; a bright pink and purple gradient reeling right down to the socks. A white logo and number set is the perfect choice to finish off the design. 

8. Austria Home

What a nice tidy kit this is! On the forefront it looks like a basic red shirt but as you look closer the red base has added texture with a Jugendstil architectural design in darker red. The Jugendstil movement came to prominence in the backend of the 19th century Puma kits seemingly pay tribute to a nation’s heritage and Austria appears to be no different. A nice modern kit styled out with a white collar and cuffs. 

7. France Away

You’ve probably gathered by now – even after just four shirts – that we like a bit of texture to our football shirts. This France shirt is no different. For some it’s their favourite shirt of the Euros but for me there are better shirts out there. Everyone is different! This France away shirt is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s with a retro inspired look. Pin stripes with a gradual gradient of blue to gold from left to right, and an oversized gold cockerel. A very classic French shirt finished off with a blue neck and matching cuffs.

It’s a similar template and design to the home kit (which may or may not be seen later on!) Another modern twist on a classic design; finished off in purple. It might not rank as one of the best the Three Lions have worn, and it might not become a classic, but nevertheless it’s a good design. 

The choice of purple is a clever one given the traditional English colours of red and blue mixed together make purple. The stylish and colourful side panels add a unique element to the shirt, pushing the classic design into the modern era. 

5. Scotland Home 

Yes, it’s another Scottish kit in the top 10, but you have to admire the design! The traditional dark blue colour is textured with striped graphics throughout. Accents of yellow also feature via the manufacturer’s logo, collar and sides. 

It’s a kit that will certainly look stylish on the pitch. The geometric shapes also pay homage to Scotland’s iconic tartan design. Another great modern shirt!

4. Belgium Home 

This is a Belgian kit like no other. Traditionally, Belgium’s home shirts are a bright red but this year, Adidas have chosen a maroon colour for Kevin De Bruyne and co to wear. 

There is a hidden geometric design to the maroon shirt, inspired by Belgium’s fashion and architecture and the Royal Belgian Football Association. 

3. England Home

Now I can hear yourself asking the question why, having mentioned earlier on that we like a textured shirt, why I have chosen a fairly basic template at number three! It’s the classic and retro vibe which sells it for me. The well-though simplistic additions of red and blue throughout, make what is otherwise a plain white shirt look great. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have known about this shirt’s controversy since being released. The glorified St George’s flag on the back of the neck due criticism but I agree with what Southgate says. It is the ‘Three Lions’ badge on the front of the shirt which makes the shirt unique from other England sports.

Having missed out on the Euro 2020 shirt, it’s safe to say, I will be buying this shirt this year as soon as the official squad numbers have been announced - I want Jude on the back!

2. Portugal Away

This is a stunning design from Portugal and Nike. This is what happens when you give manufacturers and nations the freedom to experiment with designs. The Azujo-style pattern of the shirt pays homage to the country’s architecture. 

Again, another kit that will be undoubtedly popular. The Portuguese will be seen flocking to Germany in these, whilst those at home will be wearing them to the beaches and pubs in support of their nation. 

2. Dutch Away

This navy shirt with hints of orange is inspired by the 20th-century movement of Piet Mondrion’s block shapes ‘Destijl.’ It has to be good if it’s better than their traditional orange thread! The minimalistic effort of rectangles adds depth to the shirt which is adapted even more with different shades of navy blue, whilst paint-like strokes of orange stripes add variety to the shirt. 

It could quite easily be another classic like the iconic 88’. That is why this Dutch away shirt is our favourite kit of Euro 2024. 


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