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Headlining DJs coming to Peterborough

Eclectic Ballroom, a DJing duo in Peterborough brings some of the biggest music names to the city. Partying at the Queens Head Peterborough on New Year's Eve with DJs A Skillz & Boca 45. Double Grammy-winning, DJ Jazzie B is also performing in Peterborough Cathedral next April. They’ve tasked themselves with putting together some amazing events and getting Peterborough dancing again.

Zed Malik and Jim Norton, better known as Eclectic Ballroom, have brought acts like The Allergies, Madame Electrifie, Don Letts, Reggae Roast, Huey Morgan, and many more. “I’m not expecting everyone to like everything we put on but come and enjoy the experience.” - Zed Malik

Moving forward Zed would love to do a dance music festival, an event outside the cathedral or in the cathedral. “You know, the cathedral lit up at night and someone like The Prodigy playing outside the front would be amazing!”

It may not be The Prodigy but Eclectic Ballroom has secured double Grammy award-winning, British DJ and music producer, Jazzie B OBE to play in the Cathedral in April 2024. “Get ready for an unforgettable evening of soulful beats and electrifying rhythms as Eclectic Ballroom and Peterborough Cathedral proudly announce a star-studded event featuring Jazzie B (OBE) of Soul 2 Soul fame. This exclusive DJ set, supported by a lineup of phenomenal artists including The Allergies Live, Master of Ceremonies Ryan Gee, Shades of Rhythm, Pat Unwin (Dig Deep Beats on the Barge), Eclectic Ballroom DJs, promises to be a night to remember.” - Zed Malik

Eclectic Ballroom has also collaborated with Queens Head Peterborough to bring you a New Year's Eve Party with DJs A Skillz & Boca 45. “Join us for what is sure to be a blockbuster event, the location is The Queens Head Peterborough, two master turntablists, fusing Hip Hop, Funk, Disco and soul, at breakneck speeds, creating a vibe perfect to bring in the new year. So come join us on 31st December.” - Zed Malik.

Zed has had an interesting journey through his career, performing at some of the biggest festivals still going today but when all that was done he came back to Peterborough to bring in big acts to the scene. He told us how it all began.

“I started Eclectic Ballroom when I came back from London and had been back for a while, 2006, 2007. I did a couple of events at the Ostritch, which was Bogarts. I started an event there and had a couple of DJs. The idea was just to play the stuff that I'd heard in London or the influence of David Holmes and basically put this night on.

“We did that one event and then I was introduced to my now DJ partner of some years, 12, 13 years, Jim Norton. I liked his style and he was really into funk and disco. Then we started collaborating together. From there, we ended up in Stamford, at a place called Mi Familia there, which is now closed. Such a great venue and a massive garden. We came up with the idea that putting events out in the garden would be really good in winter, in rain, in Summer because the garden had a little canopy for the DJ deck and before you knew it the pace was just jumping.”

From there Eclectic Ballroom performed at the Glade Festival, Glastonbury, Secret Garden, Beautiful Days, and Electric Picnic in Ireland. Zed was also doing events at the Big Chill and Camino Bar in London but then decided to focus back on Peterborough. “Not to denigrate where we are, but we don't have much going on here, do we? We recently started playing at a venue in Cambridge, 2648, which is on Trinity Street. The difference in spontaneity and energy is very... I mean, people just come in and start dancing straight away.”

Looking back Zed explained where his passion for music came from and how his degree in fashion and marketing from the University of Central Lancashire helped him be where he is today. He said he “Couldn't DJ to save my life. More pressing buttons. I was one of those guys. What's the word? A selector rather than a DJ.

“But it was a DJ called David Holmes that really grabbed me. One of his mixes that he did on BBC Radio. It was a mixture of Northern Soul, folk, and some rare groove. This DJ set obviously being very personal to him. But I believe he won an award for it and this style of music just captured me.”

Zed says he started off buying loads of black exploitation albums, Psychedelic Funk, and music in those genres. He explained “As a family, we never had that much money to go out and let me have money to go buy vinyl. I really didn't get into it until later on. But that's how I got into the music side of stuff.”

Check out their Facebook page below and keep up to date with all the events around Peterborough - Eclectic Ballroom


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