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Liz Truss Resigns: What Happens Next?

In an unexpected statement outside No. 10, Liz Truss officially resigned as Prime Minister.

Truss had been the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history, staying in her role for only 44 days after being elected by 57.4% of Conservative Party Members in a lengthy leadership contest.

Her announcement came after 15 Tory MPs publicly called for Ms Truss to step down.

She has promised that the next Conservative Party Leader will be elected within the next week, and she will remain in her place until her successor is chosen.

“This will ensure that we will remain on a path to deliver our fiscal plans,” the former Prime Minister explained.

Following Ms Truss’s resignation, Sir Kier Starmer has described the Tory Party as a “revolving door of chaos,” as he continues to demand a General Election to allow the nation to decide who leads their country forwards.

“We are ready to form a government, to stabilize the economy, and implement a real plan for

growth, for living standards, to help people through a cost-of-living crisis.”

However, in a recent YouGov poll showing the voting intentions of the public, Labour scored 51% of the vote with the Conservatives only receiving 23% of the votes, making the prospect of the government calling an early General Election unlikely.

Rishi Sunak is a likely candidate after securing 42.6% of the votes in the Tory leadership contest, as well as Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt who secured 3rd place in the summer voting, but according to The Times, Boris Johnson may also try to make his return as PM.

“Bring back Boris,” the former Mayor of Peterborough has told me.

Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor who replaced Kwasi Kwarteng in Truss’s government, has ruled himself out of standing for Prime Minister.

The next Tory Party Leader will be chosen by next Friday.

(Cover photo: The Telegraph)


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