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Odell Beckham Jr Set To Go To The Cowboys After Thanksgiving

Highly ranked NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr is set to join the Dallas Cowboys after their comfortable victory over the New York Giants on Thursday night (24th November).

Odell has currently been sidelined since February after getting an ACL injury in the Super Bowl in 2022, and discussions about his next team have been ever-present.

The wide receiver joined the Los Angeles Rams halfway through the 2021/2022 season after a two-season spell at the Cleveland Browns.

Beckham was instrumental in guiding the Rams to victory in the 2022 Super Bowl, even scoring the opening touchdown in the game against the Bengals.

However, during the game, Odell picked up an ACL injury, which he’s been recovering from since. However, the no.3 was left teamless for the start of the 2022/2023 season. Many clubs have approached the NFL ace, including the Rams, Chiefs, Packers and Bills.

In more recent times, Odell has been heavily linked to a move back home to the Giants, after being drafted by them at the start of his NFL career in 2014, or a fresh new move to the Cowboys.

A game between the two teams on Thursday (24th November) was going to be the penultimate final straw as to which team Beckham would join, with the winner now having the bragging rights to be the new home for the star.

Beckham has announced that he’ll be having a tour round the Cowboys facilities on December 5th, after the club expressed massive interest in signing the free agent, and will most likely be his last facilities tour before he pens a deal.

On a recent show with ESPN, pugilist Chris Russo stated that “The last thing the Cowboys need is Odell Beckham Jr”, claiming that he would “change the identity of the team” in a negative way after the team have now already “found their identity” this season. However, Keyshawn Johnson, also present on the show, bit back at Russo’s claims saying that “players like OBJ”, also adding that when he left the Browns for the Rams, “the Rams turned into a different team… he was on his way to becoming the Super Bowl MVP”, before getting injured.

Johnson also stated that “he brings leadership into the locker room, regardless of what people in the media might think”. All in all, Johnson was very pro Odell Beckham Jr joining the Cowboys, claiming that his arrival will have a massive impact on the team as they search for Super Bowl glory.

Wherever Beckham ends up is still a mystery, but with the Cowboys now beating rival bidders in the Giants, the stage seems set for Odell to join the Cowboys for the second part of this season.

Photo: Sports Illustrated


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