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Paul vs The Fury’s: The Problem Child Causes A Problem Sunday Night

On the 13th of November 2022, ex-Love Island star and professional boxer Tommy Fury took on Cameroonian fighter Rolly Lambert, in a 6-round exhibition bout in Dubai.

Tommy Fury was originally supposed to take on Paul Bamba, with a professional record of 5 wins and 2 losses, in a professional boxing bout as the co-main event to the highly anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs Deji fight, which took place at the Coca-Cola Arena on Sunday night.

Issues arose at the weigh-in on Saturday however, as Fury weighed in 7 lbs heavier than his originally scheduled opponent, which was later discovered that each fighter had been sent two different contracts, with different weight limits given to each fighter.

As a result of this, Fury was then scheduled to fight Lambert as a very last-minute replacement, just hours before the event, as an exhibition bout, meaning the outcome of the fight wouldn’t affect either competitor's professional records.

However, the biggest fight for Fury was expected to take place after his fight. It was announced the week prior to the event that Youtube star turned boxer, and long-term rival Jake Paul, would be a special guest at the event, which left fight fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation to see the two clash.

During Fury’s fight, Paul could be seen falling asleep in the audience, as if to say how boring the fight was, which many fight fans also agreed with.

When he wasn’t ‘sleeping’ however, Paul could be seen trash-talking the Brit, saying about how “he’s boring” and was seen to be insulting him across the ring in between rounds too.

After the fight, the inevitable happened as Fury called out the American, demanding for him to “get in the ring right now” as he believed he “would never have the b*lls to step in and fight a man on a few hours' notice”.

After a verbal exchange between the pair, Fury made an attempt to get out of the ring and attack the Problem Child, but immediately got stopped by security during the action.

John Fury, Tommy’s dad, also got in on the action. The father of the Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, went shirtless in front of the crowd as he had a verbal dispute with the social media personality.

Fans questioned Paul’s intentions as the boxer seemed shaken when Tommy ‘TNT’ Fury called him out in the ring, but once he was surrounded by security he started to mouth off.

During the exchanges, Paul could be heard saying things like “you’re a fat, miserable old man” to John Fury and got heated with Tommy.

The dispute left a question in the air as to whether another fight will be scheduled between the pair, as two attempts to make the fight happen in the past year have fallen through after Fury was unable to attend due to different reasons. Paul, after coming off of a massive win in his career against former UFC Champion Anderson Silva, will now be looking for new blood in 2023, and Tommy could be a viable option, should he choose to give him another opportunity to fight him?

Photo: The Scottish Sun


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