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Peterborough College Students Met Lounge Takeover

Last Thursday, a group of talented Peterborough College students made the Met Lounge their own in a night of brilliant music. Sponsored by Poet Laureate Kat Beeton and her online space Fluid Lines, the event was supported by bands Altitude, Daybreak, Maple Syrup and live DJs. Every performer - whether vocalists, guitarists or drummers - gave it their all and seized the opportunity to showcase their musical talents and take advantage of the stage. Their energy was infectious; their zest for performing was palpable.

Among the various songs performed were pop anthems like Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer, Girls by the 1975 and Shallow from A Star Is Born. There was truly something for everyone, including a couple of songs by pop icon Taylor Swift; the hit song You Belong With Me was performed to perfection alongside Haunted, one of Swift’s more elusive tracks from her album Speak Now.

But the musicians didn’t limit themselves to pop numbers - in fact, rock and pop-punk seemed to rule the night, with songs such as 1985 by Bowling For Soup (which was dedicated to a band member’s mother in a moment of witty humour) and Spirit Of The Radio by Rush - some really retro songs that never get old. T-Rex’s 20th Century Boy had the crowd singing along, and the atmosphere in the room was purely electric. They weren’t just performing for an audience - they were performing for their friends too, which was a joy to witness.

Fluid Lines accepts submissions including art, writing, photography and performance; anything creative is welcome, as long as it is within the guidelines stated on the Fluid Lines website. Also, contributors to Fluid Lines will have their own bio page, which will feature some information about them and give them the option to grow their audience by adding links to their websites, social media, and email.

The importance of events such as this one can’t be underestimated; providing the students with the chance to show everything they have learned on their course at the college and perform with their peers is such a special thing. Fluid Lines has a similar purpose: putting the work of artists out into the world.

Want to submit a piece of art but unsure of what to do? These are the current creative prompts on the Fluid Lines website:

  • Behind the curtain

  • The down of it all

  • Did I fall or did you?

  • The look they give you

  • Flowers and narcissism

  • The lie has wings


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