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Red Bull Racing Unveils Their New RB19 at New York Car Launch

Red Bull has today launched their brand new title-defending car in New York.

In what was a spectacular launch, Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and team boss Christian Horner was excited to show their new RB19 off to the world.

The launch saw a collection of Red Bull’s finest athletes come together to showcase what fantastic work red bull has been doing this year pushing the limits of extreme sports across the world.

A special visit from Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull’s third driver was welcomed by applause from the audience as he spoke about how good it was to be back with the team and what he will be doing this season to ensure that Red Bull stays on top.

The launch finally unveiled the new RB19, a car that Red Bull hope will be able to maintain the championship-winning title. The car has the typical Red Bull livery but team boss Christian Horner has hinted at a change of livery for the start of the season and particular races this year.

To finish the spectacular launch Red Bull dropped a major announcement that they will be partnering with Ford to supply new powertrains from 2026. An exciting partnership that will allow another manufacturer into Formula 1.

An exciting start to the Formula 1 season with the next car launch being from Williams on February 6th.


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