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Seasonal love, by Rosie Lane

Rosie Lane from Abbey College in Ramsey won second place in the KS4 section of the University Centre Peterborough Literary Competition, with her poem- Seasonal Love.

Seasonal Love:

When the leaves fall,

and the bark tires from age,

and the cherry trees blossom,

with the hope of spring,

I will care for you.

When the moon rises in the night sky,

lit by the halos of children,

and the ocean is cooled by the winter’s breeze,

that blows gently in the ear of the south,

I will adore you.

When the petal buds stretch upwards,

pushing through the green leaves of new growth,

and the rivers awake,

full of life and prosperity,

I will hug you.

When flowers are flushed with pinks and reds,

shining with the lights of the sun,

and the butterflies dance in rejoice,

for the sweet nectar they sip upon,

I will lie still with you.

When the winter comes to every village and town,

covering us all with snow,

and the Christmas magic comes again,

to our wonderful world,

I will be yours and only yours...

And maybe then, you could love me back.



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