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Student life: Managing your workload and life

Being a student at uni, on top of working full time isn’t always easy. With deadlines creeping up and having all assignments thrown at you at once to complete in a three-month gap can seem a little overwhelming at first, however on the positive side of things it gives you the upper hand to start planning.

Tips on how to keep motivated and manage workload

One of my favourite tips to give people in the same situation as me is to plan ahead. I usually have a Saturday off so I like to spend my mornings sitting down and getting some work done. I have always found it easier to get work done in the morning rather than in the evening as once it's done, it's done and you have the rest of your day to enjoy! It’s always a good idea to plan how long you’d like to study for and make time for small breaks in between. I do consider myself lucky that I don’t need to work 35 hours a week but that I choose to. If you are someone reading this thinking you need the money and hours, that’s also okay because this tip works for you too! Choosing set days when to get work done may help you get into a regular routine, so yes it may be hard at first but it will hopefully really help. I will usually do some uni work during the week too, to help me keep up with the workload and I stick to those days however if you find yourself too tired and overworked, it’s okay to take a break!

I am also someone who has a very bad habit of getting easily distracted at home, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, right? But in saying this, I have found that listening to music and finding a quiet space to work in helps me get into the right mindset to get a lot done. If you haven’t got a quiet space to work in at home, you could potentially go to a coffee shop or a library that may be local. Plus, at least this way you won’t have any distractions close by.

My final tip to anyone who struggles with motivating themselves to get work done is why not study with a friend or create a study group? You could even do this through a zoom call or online! This will ensure that you are all there for the same reason and you can help motivate each other. I have done this in the past and have found during the small breaks I've taken in between, it’s helped give my head a rest for a quick 10 minutes and I've gone back to work with fresh ideas.

Now that we have spoken about some motivating tips to help manage workload, my most important tip is if you are struggling to maintain your workload and stay motivated, you can always talk to our student officer/support or never worry about talking to a parent/guardian or a friend I can’t promise it will help clear your mind, but it may help you lift a weight off your shoulder that’s been holding you back from producing some great work!

Finally, always remember it’s okay to take a break. We’re only human at the end of the day, we all need a break sometimes.


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