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Student Success Celebrated at Film Festival

Photos: Licooper Photography

A celebration of future filmmakers took place on Monday evening (13th November) at the Student Film Showcase, hosted at University Centre Peterborough.

A red-carpet arrival greeted guests at this year’s Film Festival held in partnership for the second time with Peterborough’s Gateway Film Festival.

Attendees included students from across the IEG group, including nominees from Stamford College, Peterborough College and University Centre Peterborough.

Out of the 11 nominees who had their films shown on the big screen, there were three worthy winners who were awarded trophies by the two judges, Emily Steele, Organiser of Gateway Film Festival and Ryan Gilmartin, a former Peterborough College student who is now a successful filmmaker, actor and writer.

This year’s winners included Jen Ramm, a Level 5 Journalism student from UCP who produced a spoken word film titled ‘I’m Glad You Stayed’. She was commended on her use of words and the piece really struck a chord with the audience.

Joe Hollick, a Level 4 Media Production student from UCP and Amelia Eberle, a Level 3 Creative Media student from Peterborough College won an award for their ‘wacky’ short film about a ‘Sentient Teabag’! The judges were impressed with their storytelling, and were excited to see what other stories they might come up with.

The final winner was Oscar Cutmore, a Level 3 Creative Media student from Stamford College, who produced a heart warming animation called ‘Lost and Found’. This piece received great audience reaction and was commended on its use of cinematography. Oscar also dedicated this piece to his Grandad.

This year's Gateway Film Festival winners!

A special commendation was also awarded to Lauren Watkins, a Year 1, Level 3 Creative Media student from Peterborough College who created a music video for ‘Not My Responsibility’ by Billie Eilish.

All of the winning entries and nominees will be showcased in our video gallery - go check it out!

Congratulations to all of the winners and here’s to making new creative content for next year’s festival!



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