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SuperBowl LVII: Chiefs Shoot Down Eagles In 57th Edition Of America’s Biggest Sporting Event

On Sunday, February 12th, State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, hosted what has now been regarded as one of the best Super Bowl games in the history of the biggest sporting event on America’s calendar.

The Kansas City Chiefs battled hard in the late stages of the game, after trailing behind the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of the second quarter. Down 21 to 27 by the start of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs pulled out an exhilarating 17 point performance to end the match, beating the Eagles 38-35. An even more impressive feat given the fact that the Eagles were by far the betting favourites heading into this tie.

The Chiefs will be happy to take home a third SuperBowl trophy in their time, winning their first in the 4th SuperBowl back in 1970, and again in 2020. The insurance premium on their trophy cabinet has just gone up with the addition of a third Lombardi trophy, with each trophy valued at $50,000. The prize is created with sterling silver and weighs 8.75lbs, by the luxury jewellery company Tiffany & Co. This is the company that partnered with Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe to create the $6.5 million timepiece that adorned the wrist of sporting icon LeBron James at the 2022 ‘Bowl.

As well as the talent on the field, the other element which isn’t lacking when it comes to the Super Bowl is the money. The cost for a thirty-second advert at this year's Super Bowl was $7 million, $500k more than the last one. This was what YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul paid to get their Prime Hydration drink shown to the world. The two YouTube personalities turned athletes launched their Prime Hydration company in January last year, which has been a massive hit in the USA and UK. Their product marketing is already impressive, and the pair definitely were going to take advantage of having it broadcast during one of the world’s biggest sporting affairs.

The other thing people look forward to seeing is the Super Bowl’s halftime show. This time round, Rihanna stole the show. Musical artists Jay-Z, Billie Ellish and Lil Uzi Vert all came out to support their fellow artist as she took to the centre of the arena. Fans had plenty to say on social media, as the Barbados-born artist hasn’t performed live since 2018, and fans were buzzing to see her again.

‘Ri-Ri’ wasn’t the only major star to turn up at the Super Bowl. NBA player LeBron James, rapper Rick Ross, boxers Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, actor Kevin Hart and social media star Charli D’Amelio were some of the many celebrity and personality names to show up at this year's game.

But the ultimate stars of the night were the Chiefs. Chairman Clark Hunt and President Mark Donavan were happy to look up and see their newest trophy lifted into the air. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes took home his second Most Valuable Player, as he provided two touchdowns and set up the game-winning play in the final quarter, despite attaining an ankle injury during the game. Mahomes joins an elite list of players after winning NFL MVP, SuperBowl MVP and SuperBowl Lombardi Trophy in a single season.

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