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The Record Shop Project

The Record Shop Project, set up and funded by a small group of creatives from Peterborough, explores the relationship between visual art and music. To be a part of this project, artists of any age and experience level can pick a song or piece of music that they like and use that to create a piece of artwork. The artistic medium doesn’t matter, as long as the artwork has a 1:1 ratio and is able to be scanned and uploaded digitally. The reason for this is that any submissions sent in before March 5th have the chance to be a part of the exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral - but the project, and any later submissions, will live on through the power of social media.

It’s essential that we take a moment to appreciate the arts; the self-expression and the catharsis that comes from simply viewing or creating art is a novelty we can’t let go unnoticed. Projects like The Record Shop allow participants of all backgrounds to engage in different art forms and develop their own skills, all while taking a second to appreciate the links between art and music. Both mediums have the capacity to articulate difficult feelings and bring thoughts to action; combining the forces of art and music makes for a very special project indeed.

Currently, artists have entered beautiful pieces of artwork based on songs by Elvis Presley, Ghost, Pink Floyd, Conan Gray and many more. Artists are reimagining the artwork based on how they interpret the song and using their artistic talent to convey the personal meaning of that song. These are all available to view in an online gallery, which can be found at In this project, as long as you are able to find a piece of music you truly connect to, the possibilities for creating art are endless - some pieces are photography, others are traditional paintings, and some are digital art. It’s a wide pool of art, showcasing multiple different styles and skills, some of which are going to be a part of an exciting Cathedral exhibition that’s coming soon.

The exhibition will run from the 14th of March till the 19th of March in Peterborough Cathedral. It offers a brilliant opportunity to put your work and name on a platform, in a space as prominent as the cathedral. When viewing the artwork, there will be a scannable Spotify link so you can listen to the song that inspired it, making for an immersive experience.

In the meantime and then once the exhibition is over, you can find all the wonderful artwork over on Instagram:

And the website with all of the details, submission form and online gallery can be found at:

Take a listen to the songs here:

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