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UCP Faces Water Damage After Heavy Rainfall

The roof of the University Centre Peterborough building was unable to cope with the heavy rain last week.

Students reported water dripping from the ceiling on Thursday afternoon, following heavy rain that morning.

The damage seems to be contained to a small seating area outside the student Costa on the ground floor of the building.

Students were ushered away from the area by University staff. Jen Ramm, who was enjoying her lunch when the leaks were discovered, told us: “I looked above me at the roof and it looked pretty damp with raindrops coming down. It was clear the rain had caused a lot of damage. ”

The seating area affected has since been taped off for health and safety reasons, although students are still able to access the Costa.

University staff member Amy Gilbert was unable to give a timeline for the repairs, reporting that “Estates (the maintenance team) are assessing the situation.”


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