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OPINION: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Rishi Sunak,

I am disgraced and outraged by the sentiments you have shared over the last couple weeks. As the representative leader of the country, you have a responsibility to deliver the best interests of the entire British population, yet last week you alienated an entire community. Your speech at the Conservative Party Conference was nothing less than a hate speech. You used your substantial platform as Prime Minister to incite hate towards a group already experiencing excessive discrimination.

I believe your transphobic hate speech to be nothing more than a tactic to win electoral favour. Much like the other sweeping statements you have pledged to deliver over recent months such as ‘A Smoke-Free Britain by 2030’ and ‘A-Level Reforms’, you use the controversy to distract the British public to the atrocities taking place in the country under your watch.

Please know Mr. Prime Minister, you have not distracted me. Trans people have not become a scapegoat for me like you might have hoped. The only change you have made in my mind regarding the transgender community is that they have my sincerest condolences that they live in a country powered by a bigoted, entitled man.

Despite your greatest efforts, my focus has remained on the devastating cost of living crisis, the overwhelmed NHS and the failures in almost every public sector in the country. The question I want to ask you is why aren’t these in your focus, but I am too afraid to know the answer.

Instead of searching for solutions to an economy in upheaval, you propose new education reforms that force students into tiny boxes that squish their creativity so they can leave education carbon copies of one another. Instead of providing answers to a healthcare service overworked and drowning in waiting lists, you pledge to ban transgender women from women’s hospital bays so they can be subjected to abuse and put at risk for assault. Instead of satisfying the hard working people in your public sectors with satisfactory pay and work conditions, you smile as you proudly announce your efforts to turn away vulnerable migrants. I’m sure you can drown out the pleas for help and the public’s outrage with the applause of your Conservative party clones.

Mr. Sunak you and your Conservative party hive-mind do not represent me or my interests, let alone my hopes for my country.


A Concerned Citizen


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