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give your mind a gift this christmas: a guide to improving your wellbeing

Just because the weather is low that doesn't mean you have to feel low. Here's some ways you can improve your mental health this Christmas.

Looking after your mental and physical wellbeing is vital to your happiness and it affects how you interact with others. Whether you prefer sitting by a crackling fireplace, with a book and a beverage of your choice or if you are playing an exciting game to relax. There's unlimited ways to improve your wellbeing.

Good exercises include: Biking, yoga, walking, gym workout, climbing and swimming et.c.

Exercise relieves stress, helps with pressuring jobs, improves mood and energy. The brain also releases endorphins, a natural chemical known to create a sensation of happiness, during this exercise.

Gaming is another fun activity, fit for all ages and skill sets. The numerous benefits of gaming include and are not limited to: Develops problem solving skills, allows you to make creative choices, helps to relieve stress. You could even use a console like the Wii to change up your exercise routine. The genres of gaming include: Wii, RPG (Role Playing Game), multiplayer, online, MMO , action and horror.

Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular, regardless if you prefer to colour majestic and whimsical drawings or bold illustrations. Adult colouring books also serve as therapeutic outlet to relieve stress, promote mindfulness and improves concentration

It is also advisable to not cram your work, take a break and focus on one thing at a time, so that you are not overwhelmed by your workloads.

I spoke to Kat Beaton, a Student Support Coordinator for University Centre Peterborough about what is being done to support students: “We signpost to local services and help create events for all to enjoy, such as the Time to Play events.”

If you are are University Centre Peterborough student, you can reach out to Kat in Student Support and access resources online.

For more help visit Student Minds.

Or you can call Samaritans on 116 123.

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