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Opinion: New Year, Not New Me - Because I Wasn’t the Problem

As we face a new year with all our new resolutions written down and ready to put into action,

I have an argument to pick with the phrase ‘new year, new me.’ How can someone change

over one night? It’s a problematic phrase to say as it creates unrealistic expectations and

puts unnecessary pressure on oneself to completely change who they are in a short period

of time.

This can lead to feelings of failure and disappointment if those expectations are not met.

Secondly, it reinforces the idea that there is something wrong with the current version of

oneself and that a complete transformation is necessary. This could contribute to low self-

esteem. Yes, you change throughout the year but saying you are going to be a changed

person and be the best version of yourself is a long journey embracing a growth mindset and

setting achievable goals can lead to more sustainable and positive changes in the long run.

I have found a more sustainable phrase ‘new year, not new me because I wasn’t the

problem.’ This isn’t to say that I am perfect and don’t need to change certain aspects about

myself because there is a lot I need to work on myself and my journey to embracing a

healthier mindset has only begun. I resonate with this phrase as it emphasises self-

acceptance and self-confidence, recognising that there may not be a need for a complete

overhaul of oneself. Instead of focusing on fixing perceived flaws or shortcomings, you can

focus on building upon your existing strengths and qualities.

Remember, personal growth is a continuous journey, and embracing your authentic self is

an important part of that process, So as we get familiar with the year, let’s keep our heads

high and not fall under the treacherous phrase setting us up for failure.


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