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Pumpkin spice and all things nice: Not your average coffee review

The warm and whimsical pumpkin spice latte finally has arrived.

However, if you have ever wanted something different from big brand Pumpkin Spice, then

this review is for you.

I ventured through the glass doors and into the cafe, the atmosphere felt warm and homely. I was drawn in by the smell of fresh coffee and the friendliness of the staff. I could see a myriad of fresh and eye-catching pastries, fresh sandwiches, paninis, toasties and assorted cakes.

This family-run business, Bean Around, is not a corporate coffee chain. It’s a unique, eco-friendly and small Italian cafe, nestled in the bustling and historical Cathedral Square. As it was a crisp autumn day, I wanted to experience the beloved and special Pumpkin Spice Latte, a caffeinated staple that embodies the essence of autumn.

I didn't want to drink a standard, calorie-laden Pumpkin Spice Latte from a corporation, I wanted to support a small business that pours its heart and soul into its coffee and cares for its customers.

The drink warmed my cold hands and brought a sense of joy that only a mug of frothy coffee could bring.

It tasted like a proper latte, there was a subtle and natural sweetness of the pumpkin

spice. The ambiance around me was comforting and allowed me to savour the pumpkin spice and coffee notes.

This cafe is perfect for anyone who wants to sit and study with a mug of Italian roasted coffee and a mouth-watering pastry, artists who wish to hone their skills in a peaceful environment, families or just anyone who wants to relax after a busy day of retail therapy.

The prices, however, are costly, but it is worth every penny. You get to support a family-owned, environmentally friendly and ethical business that offers cruelty free coffee and food. There are options for vegans, vegetarians and those who just want an oat milk latte!


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