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Age is Just a Number

On Friday the 24th of February I had the pleasure of turning yet another year older, something that is usually exciting. I spent the day celebrating in a truly spectacular fashion, drinking, laughing and surrounded by my closest friends. However, in the days passing, I didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on the source of my overwhelming anxiety. Then it dawned on me. I’d entered my mid-twenties.

The toxic ‘grafting’ culture that’s normalised by social media had begun to weigh heavy on my shoulders. I found myself suddenly comparing my achievements to others my age and asking myself: where did I go wrong? Everyone else seems to be excelling (both on and off the spreadsheets). So, where does that leave me?

After a rather dramatic quarter-life crisis, I took a step back to evaluate. Why do I feel like this? Why are young people made to feel like they expire at 25? If you haven’t achieved your life goals and have something to show for it, you are worthless.

This ‘grafting culture’ is a harmful mentality that’s plaguing young minds. Spoiler alert! No one is as put together as it seems online. I am in the best position in life I have ever been. It might have taken me longer than everyone else, but I eventually found my feet. I am achieving every academic goal that I’m setting for myself, and I am thriving in a truly loving, supportive relationship. This deserves celebration

whatever the age.

So, when my next birthday rolls around, I will remember to be kinder to myself. To take time to reflect on the past year and, remind myself my achievements are valid.

After all, age is just a number.

Photo: Pexels


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