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OPINION, SATIRE: Matt Hancock Should not be Persecuted on I'm A Celeb

With the news that Matt Hancock will be joining the lineup for I'm a Celebrity this year, I couldn't not say something.

Now, some people may be downloading the app just so they can vote solely for him, but let's not forget what this man has done for the good of the UK.

Firstly, we must address his new book, which comes out on December 6th- just in time for Christmas! It's titled the Pandemic Diaries, and in a statement from the office of Matt Hancock, in this book: "Mr Hancock will give his unique perspective on how the NHS rose to the challenge, recognising the incredible hard work and sacrifice of so many, and offers an honest assessment of the lessons we need to learn for next time – because there will be the next time."

While recognising the sacrifice of our incredible NHS, it's important that we remember that the Former Health Secretary made great sacrifices to the health and safety of Downing street, where he was photographed having a not-so-socially distanced wine and cheese party with the former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and then faced backlash for doing so. Oh, the struggles of breaking your own rules!

However, we know this wasn't the only time Mr Hancock broke social distancing rules, after his affair with his aide, Gina Coladangelo. However, he claimed it was for love, so naturally, the British public understood.

And so, I must ask the question, is it time to forgive and forget?

ITV has now confirmed the first episode of I'm A Celebrity will air on Sunday, November 6 and 9pm!

In case you missed it, here is the lineup for this year!

Left to right: Mike Tindall MBE, Owen Warner, Olivia Atwood, Charlene White, Boy George, Scarlette Douglas, Sue Cleaver, Chris Moyles, Babatunde Aleshe, Jill Scott

Matt Hancock Photo: Reuters

Lineup photo: ITV Plc


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