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OPINION: What Sort of Sick Joke is This?

Britain's political condition has surpassed laughable and entered a truly mortifying state last Friday when Liz Truss sacked Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. He served a whopping 38 days in his position; I have leftovers that have survived longer than Kwasi Kwarteng. Speaking of survival, Kwartengs ‘mini budget’ is being carved up faster than last year's Christmas Turkey. The Prime Minister against U-Turns seems to be circling the drain with a series of them.

The revolving door of No 10 has produced a series of humiliating failures whose deep pockets are full of empty promises and false ideals. In the wake of the ‘party gate’ I was certain the Conservatives couldn’t spit out a more incompentent Prime Minister than BoJo, but Liz Truss has taught me I most definitely can be wrong.

Just weeks ago, the country watched as the leadership of our country hung so desperately between a rock and a hard place: Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss. It is only now we see just how hard that rock is.

In a mere 38 days, Truss has spooked the market, brought about the collapse of the pound and lost the country’s faith. Now she sacks her Chancellor and ally for much of her political career, it's become obvious that our prime minister doesn't just lack competency but also loyalty.

In another outstanding decision on Truss’ behalf, Jeremy Hunt has been named the new Chancellor. A fitting position; the man who left the NHS on its deathbed after his tenure as Health Secretary, is now leading the economy to its slow and painful demise. At least we know he’s got experience in making things worse.

‘Grow the pie so everyone gets a bigger slice’ Truss preaches but all she cares about is the size of her slice. Find me a single Tory member whose bank account resembles yours or mine. Our political leaders and their ‘trickle down economics’ are so out of touch with the people they represent and the public know it now more than ever.

55% of the country disapprove of the job Truss is doing, that is over half of the British population. Let’s just write the other 45% off as delusional and conclude that the country wants Truss gone. She can join Kwarteng on whatever deserted island he is taking residency on.

The pressure is piling on for Truss to redeem herself and I for one have no faith that she will. So are we facing another Prime Minister's resignation and if so what kind of fool will replace her?

With Tories fighting against Tories and the rest of the world fighting against Tories, I think their wounds are running all too deep. Isn't it time to admit the Conservative party have failed, and walk away now with a shred of dignity intact.

The fact is simple: the Tories have become a joke and they have been for quite some time now.

I'm no longer laughing though, the joke is no longer funny, not when livelihoods are at stake. While we freeze in our homes with our empty cupboards, rest assured our country’s leaders will be safe, warm and fed.


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